Monday, 6 May 2013

Life has a gap in it...

Life has a gap in it. I can't offer any scientific evidence for that...just my own life experience and observations. I also stole the quote from a character from the film "Take This Waltz" who happened to be recovering from an alcohol addiction.

So what do we do with this gap or hole? Most of us try to fill it up in some way. Some of us use alcohol as our weapon of choice, while others use drugs, perfectionism, food, work, image, sex, violence, self-hate, hate, isolation, anger, anxiety, control, stress, Facebook, technology, exercise, religion...and I'm sure there are many other options available. My personal choice can be food, work or perfectionism depending on how resilient I'm feeling.

There is such a stigma for those recovering or managing addictions with alcohol or drugs...but often our culture almost applauds those who overwork, overexercise or those who chase perfectionism. But these things may be just as detrimental to our mental and physical health as the well known stigma driven drug and alcohol addictions. Often addictions help us to function in everyday life, but they can also drive us back into the very hole we were running away from.

What is the hole?

I think it's many things. It's vulnerability, purpose, meaning, presence, mindfulness, love, soul, life, laughter, awareness, creativity, spirit and possibly a number of 'wishy washy' words that are avoided in everyday conversations. So we have 2 options now. Try to fill the never ending gap or accept and cultivate the very reason it's there :)

"Life has a gap in it, it just does. You don't go crazy trying to fill it." - Geraldine, Take This Waltz

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